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Gorillas not Vegetarians?

A new study using DNA techniques found traces of monkeys and duikers in the feces of gorillas in Loango National Park in Gabon. While the news sounds exciting more research is necessary to confirm if the gorillas may actually be consuming meat as opposed to eating insects that feed on mammals or one of the animals contaminating the feces samples before they were collected. Interesting area for future research nonetheless!


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Gorilla poaching in DRC

An undercover operation by conservation group Endangered Species International shows the scale of poaching and the bushmeat trade in Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the investigation up to 2 gorillas are killed and sold in markets for bushmeat a week. The gorillas all come from the same area and they estimate that this is 4% of the population that is being hunted per month.

The conservation group has plans to stop the killings by offering alternative methods of income as well as developing educational programs and conservation awareness. While there are some laws to protect gorillas from poaching they are not enforced.

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Protecting Mountain Gorillas’s-rare-mountain-gorillas/

This was an interesting and touching article about Innocent Mburanumwe, the ranger in charge of gorilla monitoring for the Congolese Wildlife Authority. Not only does he deal with the risks of rebels attacking him, his family or his home but poachers have also led attacks. Innocents passion to conserve nature and gorillas keeps him going. There is also a bit at the end on what not to do if you run into a mountain gorilla in the forest. 🙂

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